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Front Page Formula®

Our Front Page Formula

Using our trademarked Front Page Formula®,
we rank video on Google's first page
even for competitive keywords.

The Problem

Businesses put their videos on YouTube, mistakenly thinking it’s the primary channel to reach new customers.  However, YouTube is mainly used for entertainment and celebrity search, not for business enquiries. Additionally, companies commonly place their videos on their website, where only people already on the site see them.  In both cases then, the videos fail to reach their target audience.

Our Solution

Using our trademarked Front Page Formula ® process:
1.  We extract your video from your website or from your YouTube channel [or
     create a video for you].
2.  We market your extracted video to Google using our secret formula.
3.  Our process virtually compels Google to display your video on its first page.
4.  Because Google displays videos as large photos, your video
stands out and gets
     the click.
5.  This click automatically starts the video.  Your target is immediately engaged.
6.  We super-impose a
Call-to-Action [which normally includes your phone number]
     throughout the duration of the video.
7.  Most times, you get the call there and then.

Some statistics



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